Understanding and Conducting Qualitative Research

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Every Wednesday
lessons begin Nov 4th and run for at least 16 consecutive weeks.

at 5pm Pacific Time

Presented by

Dr. Rich Schuttler
Doctoral Dissertation Chair

  • Dr. Rich Schuttler, an Award-Winning Doctoral Dissertation Chair with 15-years experience, will teach a series of lessons on how to become an informed 'consumer of research' and then provide expert guidance on 'how to design and conduct' a qualitative dissertation research study that can be approved quicker and with far less stress.

  • Qualitative research unfolds the story in which the writer gradually brings about sense, not only of the data, but of the total experience of which it is an artefact.

  • An interactive process in which to untangle and make reflexive sense the role in the research.

  • The written study thus becomes a complex train of thought within which the writer’s voice and her image of others are interwoven.

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